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When Encouragement Turns Into Action...Why

It's Great To Help Your Friends Pursue Their Passion

I met J. Yasmin a little over three months ago. It was a Monday morning, and I was quite grumpy so my energy wasn’t where it normally is. J. Yasmin was the perky new employee…I greeted her with a handshake as cold and limp as a dead fish. She skipped back to her new desk and waited for the other employees to arrive at work.

By the afternoon, I warmed up to being back at work. LOL. I decided to re introduce myself to J. Yasmin…and the conversation never stopped. I discovered that we had more in common than not, and I communicated more with her in 3 months than I have with people I have know for 3 years. I’m so glad she was open to re engaging again, because how I first “showed up” is not really the person I am - the person she now knows.

A few laughs, Starbuck runs and conversations later - we both discovered our aspirations for becoming published authors. J. Yasmin had already amassed a fan following of her daily inspirational writings.

I shared information with J. Yasmin about a project I was working on with Shannon Anderson — co authoring a book. She had been encouraged before, but just didn’t have the will and confidence to publish her work.

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